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Can I edit a survey in progress?

Available on Plus and Compliance plans.

There are four survey stages:

  • Draft: You’ve created the survey but haven’t set a start date and time.

  • Scheduled: You’ve added a start date and time (cancel the survey to return to draft).

  • Live: Quinto has sent out the survey on your specified start date.

  • Closed: You’ve closed the survey (reopen the survey to return to live).

In the first three stages, you have the ability to change the survey participants, content, communications, settings, due date, and reminder date. You can only edit the go-live date and time of a draft survey. If a survey has been closed, it will need to be reopened to make changes.

Keep in mind that when you’re editing the content of a live survey, you might be invalidating the feedback that participants have already submitted.

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