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Draft vs published library items


All new library items start out as drafts. Only users with permission to manage libraries can see drafts.

Editing a published competency creates a draft version so you can make changes. The published version remains visible to users permission to view libraries while you work privately on the draft version. Once you publish the draft version, it becomes the new published version of the competency.

If you rename the draft version of a published competency, the draft title appears in brackets next to the published titled in the competencies table.

Competencies are the only type of library item we treat as a document. When you edit other types of library items, you’ll have the option to simply save or discard your changes rather than creating a draft version.


Publishing a library item makes it visible to users with permission to view libraries. It also makes competencies available to add to jobs. Other types of library items can be added to jobs as drafts. Once a job is published, the library items on that job are automatically published too.

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