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Export an interview guide

Downloading a PDF or Word interview guide

We recommend that each interviewer print their own copy of the guide so they can take notes and evaluate the candidate’s responses. If you don’t see the interview guide you’re looking for, ask the person who created it to make sure it’s published.

  1. Click Interviews in the top nav.

  2. Search for a guide or use the job group filters.

  3. Find the guide in the table and click the download icon.

  4. Select One question per page or Condensed list of questions as the layout.

  5. Select PDF or Word as the format.

  6. Click Download.

What’s included in an interview guide

The exported interview guide includes:

  • A title page with your logo, title, and a form to enter the date, candidate name, etc.

  • The communication document introduction.

  • A table displaying the interview rating scale.

  • Questions and follow-ups with competency details, the rating scale, and space for notes.

  • The communication document conclusion.

  • A summary section where you can enter your ratings and final recommendations.

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