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Release notes: 2023-10-30



  • Fixed an issue with adding architecture competencies so proficiency levels aren’t unset.

  • Fixed unescaped characters replacing apostrophes in competencies.


  • Fixed an issue with job collaboration so reviewers can see item levels.

  • Fixed the level selector in jobs so a level can be deselected.

  • Fixed a 422 error when bulk publishing a published job.

  • Fixed a 403 error when users with a light license view their job description.

  • Fixed missing competency and skill filters in the jobs table.

  • Fixed issues with the display of plain text, library items, and levels in job exports.

  • Fixed issues with removed library items reappearing on jobs and in exports.

  • Set up an error page redirect when you access a bulk job export that’s expired.


  • Fixed the competency filter in the interview questions table.

  • Added a max width to interview follow-up tooltips.


  • Fixed an issue with the AI setting so logging out doesn’t turn it off.

  • Fixed editing library items so warehouse items aren’t overwritten.

  • Fixed an issue with filtering by group in the warehouse.

Org import

  • Fixed the counts on the final step of org import.

  • Fixed an issue with managers listed below reports in the import file not being assigned.


  • Fixed the ‘Refresh this page’ banner so it only appears once after a system update.

  • Fixed display issues with tables.

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