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Release notes: 2024-02-20


  • Updated filtering by all interview questions so they’re grouped alphabetically by competency and listed alphabetically within each competency grouping.

  • Allowed for multi-word items such as ‘Computer Science’ to be recognized by the AI.

  • Added the option to compare jobs when viewing a previous version from a job’s history.

  • Displayed a dash in the consistency column if a job template’s consistency setting is off.


  • Fixed published jobs exported to PDF or Word so the competency definitions appear.

  • Fixed issues with missing or inconsistent highlights when comparing jobs.

  • Fixed the published job notification so it’s only sent to current incumbents.

  • Fixed creating paragraphs in the job summary so you don’t have to refresh the page.

  • Fixed silent updates so they don’t affect the review date of published jobs.

  • Fixed the AI identification so skill levels 2 and 3 are correctly identified.

  • Fixed issues with some sites missing the flagged, starred, or owner filters.

  • Fixed duplicating a job so the consistency score is also duplicated.

  • Added missing placeholder text when creating a job or a location.

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