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Release notes: 2024-04-24

New features

ADD-ON Lever ATS integration: Push jobs posts from Quinto to Lever.



  • Improved the colour contrast of:

    • icons

    • avatars

    • saved indicators

    • active tab indicators

    • placeholder text

    • menu divider lines

    • task titles


  • Made various UI updates to surveys.

  • Added confirmation dialogs to clarify comment interactions.

  • Added a last updated date column to the surveys table.

  • Indicated deactivated users when adding participants.

  • Prevented invites from being sent to deactivated users.

  • Displayed ‘None' in the survey results when a section has no responses.

Job collaboration

  • Added a timestamp to avatars indicating users who have or who are viewing a job.

  • Added a delete confirmation when leaving a comment without pressing Enter.

  • Removed links from in-app notifications when a job has been deleted.


  • Alerted users when the password they’ve chosen has appeared in a data leak so they know why Quinto hasn’t accepted it and are prompted to try a different password.

  • Clarified the message that appears when users request a set password link so they know they’ll only receive an email if the address provided matches a Quinto account.

  • Updated the signoffs table so you can search by first or last name rather than by job title.

  • Added tags to the warehouse to indicate new and updated content.

  • Made creating interviews from a job open the guide in edit mode.


Job descriptions

  • Fixed reordering job sentences so no content is duplicated or replaced.

  • Removed section headers of empty sections from published jobs.

  • Fixed selecting a group when creating a job so newly created groups appear.

  • Fixed setting core competencies so levels remains on jobs where they’re already added.

  • Updated AI suggested competencies when responsibilities are removed from a job.

  • Fixed issues with custom properties not triggering tracked changes or indirect updates.

  • Fixed viewing or editing a job post template so no indirect job update is triggered.

  • Fixed deleting a property so it’s removed from all jobs.

  • Fixed turning off a scale so it no longer appears on jobs.

Job collaboration

  • Fixed viewing a job from notification links so the correct responsibilities are displayed.

  • Fixed pressing Enter to save an edited comment so all comments still appear.

  • Fixed track changes so reviewers can see changes that were made.

  • Fixed a bug where a job owner can’t access the job post tab.

Job signoffs

  • Displayed job due dates in red text when they’re overdue.

  • Fixed job signoff PDFs displaying ‘granted by’ rather than ‘signed off by’.

  • Fixed updated tags so they only appear on signoffs that were current or expired before a job was re-published.

User management

  • Fixed sending invites from the users table so those users are assigned a license.

  • Fixed incorrect task counts when logged in as another user.

  • Fixed logging out as another user so you don’t need to refresh the page.

  • Allowed personification of users who have never logged in.

  • Fixed downloading the users table with only one user so the correct file is exported.

  • Prevented assigning a position to itself as a direct report.


  • Fixed the bulk select option in tables when using Safari.

  • Fixed French display issues where some text appeared in English.

  • Fixed links in guides exported to Word so they’re formatted with blue text.

  • Fixed the job group filter on the levels analysis table when you’re also filtering by an item.

  • Fixed updating account settings so there’s no loading icon in the site logo preview.

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