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Release notes: 2024-05-30


Design updates

  • Added a meta-data bar with breadcrumbs for better navigation.

  • Contained content within panels for a more structured page design.

  • Expanded the width of page content for a more spacious layout.

  • Redesigned the job description and job post templates.

  • Replaced plus icons with permanent +Add links on admin pages.

  • Moved the audit log to the top nav gear icon for quicker access.

  • Replaced status dots with a status column across Quinto.

  • Made various UI updates for improved readability and user experience.


  • Improved the colour contrast of hint text, disabled menu items, and close icons.

  • Improved the colour contrast of job progress percentages that appear in subheadings.

  • Updated the meta-data at the bottom of drop-down menus so it’s easier to read.

  • Updated the sort arrow on tables so they’re easier to see.

Licenses and permissions

  • Renamed Light and Full permission set types to Regular and Admin for clarity.

  • Granted licenses based on permissions rather than permission set membership.

  • Added a new permission for accessing the org chart.


  • Displayed AI suggested competencies in rank order rather than alphabetical order.

  • Displayed draft competency titles in the table if different from the published version.

  • Displayed draft job titles in the table if different from the published version.

  • Made associating a topic mandatory for topic questions.

  • Prevented topic questions from being associated to more than one topic.

  • Identified the default permission set in the table and prevented its deletion.


  • Fixed display issues with icons in Microsoft Edge.

  • Fixed deleting a closed survey so participants don’t receive an email notification.

  • Added an icon to indicate deleted users in survey and collaboration participant lists.

  • Made the table icon to show or hide columns a fixed size across tables.

  • Fixed the weekly jobs digest email so it’s not sent to light users.

  • Removed empty section headers from published and read-only draft versions of jobs.

  • Fixed job exports so scale levels don’t appear if a library’s scale is turned off.

  • Fixed turning off a job property so associated data is deleted from jobs.

  • Fixed a bug with applying pending job updates so only affected jobs are updated.

  • Fixed deleting a competency used in published jobs so a pending update is triggered.

  • Fixed renaming a library so the updated name is replaced everywhere in Quinto.

  • Removed multilingual icons displaying in surveys when only one language is installed.

  • Fixed a bug preventing dragging and dropping an xlsx file on the first step of org import.

  • Displayed a ‘Nothing to show’ message in the tags search field when there are no results.

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