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Release notes: 2024-06-18

New features

  • Added an Excel jobs export so admins can use jobs in other platforms.

  • Added the option to generate job summaries using OpenAI.

  • Made notifying incumbents optional when publishing a job.


  • Clarified the process for providing feedback on a job:

    • Added a Provide feedback button.

    • Made the textbox for adding feedback active by default.

    • Maintained the Ready to go selection when providing subsequent feedback.

  • Increased the number of jobs from four to six when comparing levels.


  • Fixed a bug where removed items still appear in the skill level comparison.

  • Fixed a bug where removed items still show as added in the content finder.

  • Fixed a bug with providing feedback as a user who has permission to manage jobs.

  • Fixed issues with multilingual editing on jobs.

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