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What is Quinto?

Quinto is a collaborative platform for building job descriptions that drive great performance. Quinto has everything you need to accelerate the process of creating and validating inclusive descriptions. Depending on your license, Quinto gives you access to:

  • Multi-level competencies

  • Technical and general skills

  • Prebuilt job descriptions

  • Competency-based interview guides

  • Customizable job template

Working in Quinto

Quinto makes it easy to create job descriptions that are accurate, consistent, and actionable.


Validate job descriptions by inviting people to provide input and approvals using surveys, comments, and tracked edits. You can grant different levels of access, effortlessly involving a variety of stakeholders.


Verify the quality of your job descriptions by calculating a consistency score. You can also customize the job template to align with organizational requirements and standardize your jobs.


Meet compliance requirements by maintaining records for job description changes and signoffs. If you’re using competencies, you can create interview guides based on jobs to streamline your recruitment process.

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