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Job description vs job post

Job descriptions are the main documents in your site that you’ll put together using library content and job properties. Once a job is published, Quinto generates a simple text version which you can easily paste in an email, on a job board, or an ATS. This is what we refer to as the job post.

Unlike job descriptions, the content of individual job posts can’t be edited. Re-publishing the job description will automatically update the job post.

However, job posts do have their own template where you can control which sections display and how they’re arranged. For example, you might want the ‘Last published’ property to appear on the job description, but not on the job post. You can also add information about your company and recruiting policy, so your job posts are complete and ready to share.

Go to the gear icon > General Administration > Job templates > Job posts. The template comes with the following sections. Each section can be renamed or turned off.



About us

Enter your own custom text.


Show or hide the job summary.


Select the job properties to display.


Select the libraries to display.

Key Responsibilities

Select the libraries to display.
Show or hide responsibility subheadings.

Qualifications and Experience

Select the libraries to display.

Additional Information

Select the libraries to display.

Why work for us?

Enter your own custom text.

Our hiring policies

Enter your own custom text.

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