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Build jobs for your organization.

Get started with jobs

Set up your jobs

Create your first job description

Organize jobs in groups

Structure jobs with levels

Export job descriptions

Manage jobs

Add custom fields to jobs

Change the structure and layout of jobs

Multiple job templates

Job description vs job post

Archive or delete jobs

Job description workspace

Individual job edits vs global library edits

Library items, descriptive text, and levels

Track progress on jobs

Track changes on jobs

Compare job descriptions

Compare competency and skill levels

Version control

Draft vs published jobs

Pending job updates FAQ

How do I save a draft job?

Can I unpublish a job?

Restore previous versions of a job

Involve other people

Collaborate on a job description

Collaboration notifications

Job description feedback

What is a job group owner?

Jobs vs positions

Job health

Consistency scores and guidelines

Job analytics

Job review cycles

Levels analysis


Set up signoffs

Manage signoffs

What happens to signoffs when I republish a job?

View signoff history

Download signoff reports

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