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Collaborate on a job description

We know that creating job descriptions is a collaborative project. You’ll likely want input from employees, managers, and the people in your organization who know a job inside out. But you’ll also want to make sure the final version meets HR standards.

Levels of collaboration

Quinto offers three levels of collaboration so you can involve other people while maintaining control of the process and final product.

Users with the permission to manage jobs have owner-level access to all jobs.

Owner: The user who creates a job is assigned as the owner with full access, including the ability to publish the job. Only an owner invite other owners, editors, and reviewers. To automate the assigning of job owners, you can also add a job group owner.

Editor: An editor can edit the job content. They can also add feedback, comments, and reactions. They can’t access the Actions menu or other tabs (job post, interview guides, employees, and history) on the job.

Reviewer: A reviewer can only add feedback, comments, and reactions. The content of the job is read-only for reviewers.

Inviting collaborators

You can invite any Quinto user to provide input on a job. Each user receives a Quinto task and an email with a link to the job description.

  1. Click Jobs in the top nav.

  2. Create a new job or open a job you’ve already created.

  3. Click the collaboration icon in the toolbar to open a side panel.

  4. Make sure the job is open for feedback.

  5. Click +Invite. Click +Add under a collaborator type.

  6. Search for a name and select the user in the drop-down.

  7. Repeat step 6 for as many collaborators as you want to add. Click Next.

  8. Click the pencil icon to customize the invitation message.

  9. Add an optional due date and click Invite.

The due date is only a communication tool. Collaborators will still have access to the job after the due date. Opening and closing feedback is what controls access.

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