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What is a job group owner?

Assigning job group owners is entirely optional. When you assign an owner to a job group, they are automatically made an owner of any job in that group. This is a useful tool for automating accountability, particularly if you have HRBPs responsible for the job descriptions of different departments.

Assigning a job group owner

  1. Click Jobs in the top nav.

  2. Click Actions on the top right of the page.

  3. Select Manage groups in the drop-down.

  4. Click a job group name in the table.

  5. Click +Add under Owners

  6. Search for a name and select the user in the drop-down.

  7. Click Add.

A user needs an admin Quinto license with permission to own jobs to be made an owner.

QT-3467 If someone is added to a job as an owner and then we subsequently change the permission set and turn off the ownership permission, we won’t make the above updates. We won’t make any updates, in fact, other than to remove the user’s ownership rights, which is in keeping with how permission set changes typically work.

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