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Track progress on jobs

Available on Plus and Compliance plans

Whether you're working alongside a team or managing jobs on your own, you can monitor the completion status of individual sections within a job description. This helps you and your team build towards a percentage you can track on the job itself and in the jobs table.

Click the gear icon in the toolbar and turn on the Track completion of this job setting. You’ll see a To do drop-down appear above each section of the job as well as an overall percentage below the job title. Only job owners or users with permission to manage jobs can change mark a section as done. As sections are completed, the percentage automatically increases so you can see the progress of the job at the glance.

You can also set a due date for the job which appears below the job title. The progress percentage and the due date are both columns you can add to the jobs table to manage the completion of all the jobs on your site.

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