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Individual job edits vs global library edits

There are two ways of editing job description content. Choose an approach based on whether you need to edit content specific to one job or content shared across multiple jobs.

Individual job edits

Making edits directly on a job is useful for items like responsibilities that are rarely reused and require context. The changes you make only affect the job you're currently editing. When you edit an item, we check to see if it’s on any other jobs. If it's exclusive to the current job, the item is updated in the library to avoid unnecessary repetition. If it’s shared across jobs, a new item is created in the library to avoid unintended changes on other jobs.

Global library edits

When you add content to a job, we store that content in your libraries so it can be reused on other jobs. This allows you to efficiently modify all jobs that include that item with a single edit. Perhaps you want to rename the skill ‘Word’ to ‘Microsoft Word’. You can do so from libraries and then click the pending updates icon to apply the change to published jobs.

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