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Set up your jobs

Quinto provides powerful customization options that help ensure you can set up your jobs in a way that works for your organization.

Configuring the job description template

The job template determines the layout and structure of your job descriptions. This is where you control what content to incorporate and how it should be organized. You’re creating a set of rules that all your jobs will follow, keeping them standardized and uniform.

Quinto comes with one job template that is completely configurable. You can rename headings, reorder sections, hide sections, and more. For example, if you don’t want to specify education requirements on your job descriptions, you can turn that section off in the template. Learn more

Configuring the job post template (optional)

The job post template determines the content included in your job posts. You can choose which libraries to display under each heading. You can also add a company description and your hiring policy to give candidates more information. Learn more

Customizing job properties

Job properties are used to define form elements like the job level or salary range. We give you the ability to create, edit, or remove any property. For example, if you refer to ‘Job levels’ as ‘Career levels’, you can rename that property to align Quinto with your terminology. Learn more

Defining a competency architecture (optional)

A competency architecture describes the common rules for defining competencies within an organization.

If you have limited resources or other ongoing projects, you can always postpone the development of a competency architecture.

Quinto makes it easy to apply a competency architecture by allowing you to define core, leadership, and job-family competencies site-wide. These competencies are then automatically added to the jobs you create, saving time and standardizing requirements.

  • Core competencies are included on every job. Learn more.

  • Leadership competencies are assigned according to job level. Learn more

  • Job-family competencies are assigned to each job group. Learn more

  • Career-stream competencies are assigned to each job sub-group. Learn more

And that’s it! You’re ready to begin building job descriptions. With a layout that highlights what matters most, customized fields, and ready-to-go competency profiles, you’ve laid the groundwork for success. Next, let’s learn how to create your first job description.

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