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Release notes: 2023-10-19

New features

  • Added track changes to jobs. Learn more

  • Renamed Knowledge to Skills and created a five-level scale.

  • Added the ability to bulk export jobs to PDF or Word.

  • Added an auto-logout after 30 minutes of inactivity for better data protection.



  • Added a saving indicator when editing a competency.

  • Removed the ability to add core competencies that have been added to other layers.


  • Added the inviter name to the placeholder options for the job collaboration invite.

  • Added a message to the survey introduction if no due date was provided.


  • Improved the content finder so library groups are easier to navigate.

  • Added a message when there are no results in the content finder.

  • Made draft jobs update right away if architecture labels are turned off.

  • Hid job post sections if the job has no content in that section.

  • Improved the move jobs dialog so all groups are listed and subgroups are nested.

  • Added the options to edit and delete job feedback and replies.

  • Made the job export reflect the version being viewed onscreen (draft or published).

  • Added an option to delete the draft version of a published job from the table.

  • Included both the draft and published versions of a job in bulk delete.

  • Removed the option to duplicate a published job that has a draft version.

  • Removed previous versions of a job from the recently viewed items widget.


  • Added a column to the interview table showing which job version each guide is based on.

  • Removed blank follow-ups from questions after saving.

  • Added the ability to change the selected communication doc on a guide.

  • Added a download button to guides.

  • Changed unused questions so they’re always identified.

  • Removed page gaps in guides exported to Word.

  • Added extra spacing between questions in condensed guides.

  • Added the option to switch to view mode when you’re editing a guide.

  • Made question suggestions on guides reflect the most recent published job version.


  • Adde the ability to make accounts either SSO or manual login.

  • Changed the default view of the welcome message to visible.

  • Added a banner message to refresh the page after a site update.

  • Sorting by a header refreshes the table and returns to the first page of results.

  • Made updates to audit log entries and columns for accuracy and consistency.

  • Made spacing, alignment, and other UI updates.

  • Improved the responsiveness of page content.

  • Styled a generic error page for all 400 and 500 errors.



  • Fixed an issue with architecture competency levels so they remain set on jobs.

  • Fixed the redo function so a removed competency is returned to its original position.

  • Fixed editing a responsibility that’s only on one job so a new responsibility is not created.

  • Made the create job dialog responsive to fit better on smaller screens.

  • Fixed an issue with deleting job groups so the new group is not pre-selected.

  • Fixed the jobs table download so column headings reflect onscreen library names.

Job collaboration

  • Fixed adding group owners so all users with permission to own jobs are available to add.

  • Fixed the editor view so they can’t see the actions menu or update section progress.

  • Fixed reviewer view so they can’t add, edit, or remove the job summary or library items.

  • Fixed the display of the due date in the job collaboration invite email.

Job template and architecture

  • Fixed editing and republishing a core competency so the core status remains.

  • Fixed deleting custom properties so they don’t appear when you create a job.

  • Fixed the competencies heading so it only appears if a job has competencies.

  • Fixed job post certification subheadings so they only show if enabled in the template.

  • Fixed the job post template so it only includes libraries from the job description template.

  • Fixed re-adding a competency as core or leadership so they're re-added to jobs.

Pending updates

  • Fixed the standby message to display the email of the user who requested the update.

  • Fixed adding career-stream competencies to subgroups so the update has a title.

  • Fixed turning on a library in the job description template so no update is triggered.

  • Fixed republishing a competency so the update successfully updates affected jobs.


  • Fixed deleting a job so the status is changed to not added and the date is removed.

  • Fixed adding jobs from so items on the job that don’t exist on your site are delivered.

  • Fixed adding jobs in subgroups so the parent group is delivered as well as the subgroup.

  • Fixed adding jobs so items are only delivered with levels if the scale is turned on.

  • Fixed adding questions so the associated competency group is also delivered.

  • Fixed adding questions for deleted levels so the questions are unlevelled.

  • Fixed moving items to different groups so the move is not reflected in the warehouse.

  • Fixed turning off a library in the site so that library is still available in the warehouse.

  • Fixed creating jobs from warehouse content so job-family competencies appear once.

  • Fixed jobs in warehouse so only jobs in the site are flagged as added.

  • Fixed the select all action in warehouse for jobs.


  • Fixed ordering the competencies table by job count.

  • Fixed an issue with welcome message images so they can be successfully removed.

  • Fixed issues with the competency filter displays and counts.

  • Fixed displays issues in the org chart.

  • Fixed viewing a job from the homepage or org chart so the most recent version appears.

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