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Release notes: 2024-03-27

New features

PLUS PLAN Level analysis: It can be challenging to accurately determine level requirements when you’re building job descriptions. Our analysis feature provides a centralized overview of competency and skill levels across jobs in your site. This powerful tool streamlines job description creation. Easily identify discrepancies, make informed adjustments, and ensure consistency with just a click, empowering HR to apply levels fairly throughout the organization. Learn more

Digest email: Stay informed about job-related activities with our new weekly digest email. Delivered every Friday at 6 PM, the email includes counts of jobs created, jobs published, jobs past their due date, and more. Users with the content administration, manage jobs, or manage signoffs permission can turn the email on or off in their personal email notification settings.


Job descriptions

  • Improved the formatting of the job post in Quinto and when copied to your clipboard.

  • Assigned 100% progress to jobs once they’re published.

  • Added a confirmation statement to the PDF if signoff was granted.

  • Specified the library type in the list of pending job updates.

  • Made the job tab page headers fixed so they don’t scroll with the page.

  • Made the content finder open to the first library in the list by default.

  • Ensured items added to existing sentences can still be recognized by AI.


  • Improved security with timed delays after several failed login attempts.

  • Displayed the login page in the language selected by the user on their previous visit.

  • Redirected job or survey participants to the reset process if their password has expired.

  • Fixed resetting passwords so the authentication code is sent after attempting to log in.


  • Made various UX improvements, particularly to tables.

  • Added the ability to have a URL that triggers SSO access for Okta.

  • Fixed display issues when using Quinto in French.

  • Added icons to highlight untranslated items when more than one language is installed.

  • Added links to the formatting options for interview communication documents.

  • Updated site page titles to be more descriptive and succinct.

  • Added tags for items recently updated in the warehouse.

  • Ensured items are deselected after a bulk action is performed.

  • Ensured deleting a competency also deletes associated interview questions.


Job descriptions

  • Fixed a permissions issue with reviewers after a job is published.

  • Fixed descriptive text not appearing in PDF and Word exports.

  • Fixed turning off a library scale so levels are removed from items on drafts.

  • Fixed consistency counts so items on the same line are counted individually.

  • Fixed the Actions button so it still appears even if the information section is off.

  • Fixed creating a job from warehouse content so you can select a different template.

  • Fixed an error where items in a sentence displayed as ‘UNSAVED’.

  • Fixed assigning a user to a job from the employees tab so a signoff entry is created.

  • Fixed the groups filter in the jobs archive.

  • Fixed issues with pending job updates.

  • Fixed an issue with the jobs audit log downloading as an undefined txt file.

  • Fixed the blank jobs column in the positions table download.


  • Fixed issues with scheduling a survey to go live today.

  • Fixed the status column so draft and closed surveys are indicated correctly.


  • Fixed exporting guides to Word when the communications document is formatted.

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