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Permission sets vs licenses

Permission sets

Permissions control the pages you can access and the actions you can perform in Quinto. We bundle permissions in sets so you can easily provide access to groups of users. There are two types of permission sets. Regular permission sets are for viewing content. This includes the following permissions:

  • Manage my account

  • View help

  • Access org chart

  • Access jobs

  • Collaborate on jobs

  • Access libraries

  • Access guides

No permission is required to participate in a survey or sign off on a job description.

Admin permission sets are for creating content and managing Quinto, so they include many additional permissions. We offer the following default permission sets, but you can create as many as you need for your organization. You can also assign multiple permission sets to a user to grant additional access.



  • Regular Users

  • Regular Users + Interview

  • Administrators

  • Content Editors


Licenses track the seats used in your site. All active users have a platform license by default. Quinto automatically assigns additional licenses based on permissions. Refer to the table below to learn which permissions grant these licenses.



Jobs administrator

  • Manage jobs

  • Own jobs

  • Export jobs

  • Delete published jobs

  • Manage signoffs

  • Push job posts

Interviews administrator

  • Manage interview questions

  • Manage interview guides

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