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Intro to libraries

About libraries

Libraries contain reusable content that you can use to define job requirements. Your site comes with access to HRSG’s extensive library content – you can also create your own content or edit anything we provide.

Reusable content libraries are useful in several different ways. They help you build standardized and consistent job descriptions. They help you update jobs in bulk. They also help you analyze jobs – you can filter jobs by library item to find, for example, the jobs that require a particular competency or skill.

Types of libraries

We offer nine different libraries:

  • Competencies

  • Responsibilities

  • Education

  • Skills

  • Certifications

  • Experience

  • Languages

  • Working conditions

  • Additional information

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of some of the key features of each library. More detailed information can be found here.


Each HRSG competency includes a definition and five levels of proficiency. You can create your own competencies or edit ours. You can also add and remove proficiency levels if you’d prefer to structure your competencies differently.

  • Competencies have a special updating workflow that you can read about here.

  • You can set up a competency architecture to define core, leadership, job-family, and even career-stream competencies. Learn more

  • When competencies are added to a job, you can choose a proficiency level.

Education, skills, certifications, languages, and experience

These libraries contain simple text items such as ‘Adobe Photoshop’ or ‘Certified General Accountant’.

  • Add descriptive text around the items to make them more informative and readable.

  • When these items are added to a job, you can choose a level (except for experience).

Responsibilities, working conditions, and additional information

These libraries contain sentences such as ‘Assist with onboarding of new team members’ or ’Answer general information inquiries’.

Artificial intelligence

When you’re building job descriptions, you’ll have access to a list of suggested responsibilities and skills from up to three jobs that best match the job title. Our AI tool also analyzes the job summary and responsibilities to suggest the best matches from HRSG’s competencies, so your job description is ready to go in no time.

How libraries are organized

In your Quinto account, click Libraries in the top nav. On the page that opens, you’ll see a table listing listing library items with filters in a left-hand side panel. Click the drop-down at the top of the page to access other libraries and navigate between them.

How items within a library are organized depends on the library type. Competencies, education, skills, certifications, and additional information have one level of groups. Responsibilities can also have sub-groups. Experience, languages, and working conditions don’t have any groups.

Filtering library items

The library items are displayed in a table that you can filter by group, status, last updated, and tags. In a Competency library, you can click the name of a competency to open a full view of the proficiency levels and behavioural indicators.

The Jobs column indicates how many draft and published job descriptions include that library item. Click the count to open a filtered list of those jobs.

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