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SSO Troubleshooting

Have you recently implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) but are running into errors with a specific user? Troubleshoot the problem with the following checklist.

Troubleshooting checklist

Confirm the account exists in Quinto

Before a user can log in via SSO, make sure their account has been created in Quinto. Follow these instructions to add a new user if they don’t already have an account.


Confirm the email addresses match

The email address linked to a user’s Quinto account needs to be an exact match to their email address in the third-party app. Check for typos or discrepancies between them.


Confirm the account type has been converted to SSO

Activating SSO automatically converts existing accounts. But it’s possible to convert an account back to manual login, so you might want to verify that the account type is SSO.


Confirm the user is logging in via SSO

When logging in, ensure users click the blue Log in with SSO button rather than attempting to enter a username or password and clicking the regular Login button.

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